19 августа 2018 г. The corpus is currently unavailable due to technical reasons. Wait for new features in September 2018!
5 июня 2018 г. A new addition of clauses from the Hittite instructions made it 5602 clauses all in all in the corpus. Middle Hittite instructions have been checked through, syllable transliteration corrected. OSV-SOV mark-up added to IBoT 1.36, the longest of the Middle Hittite instructions under review.
8 сентября 2017 г. The transfer from the previous database is over at last — all Middle and New Hittite letters have been published online with SOV/OSV and positive/negative/interrogative annotation. The overall number of clauses available online is 4386 for the time being, including all letters from (Hoffner 2009) and about a half of instructions from (Miller 2013).
18 июля 2017 г. The Middle and New Hittite letters with SOV/OSV annotation yield 2179 clauses so far. We started to annotate SOV/OSV for the Hittite instructions now.
28 мая 2017 г. We uploaded all the letters that are marked as New Hittite in Hoffner 2009. N.B. There are some among them that are dated as MH?/NS in Konkordanz ( We follow Konkordanz in this respect. You can check the dating at
20 мая 2017 г. Word order annotation has been started for every clause in the corpus. It goes in the following manner: — SOV (subject-object-verb); — OSV (object-subject-verb); — OV (object-verb); — SV (subject-verb); — V (no subjects or objects in the clause); — VP (postverbal position is filled). Nota bene. Clitic subjects and objects are not considered as subjects/objects, as they are governed by their own syntactic rules.
5 мая 2017 г. Information structure layer has been added to the annotation. To see it, push the button "Information Structure" to the left of a clause. It contains information about QUDs, topics and foci, focus alternatives, focus position and context. The layer is not yet annotated. It will be covered according to the regular plan of the corpus annotation.
15 января 2017 г. 1 Middle Hittite prayer (CTH 371.1) has been added to the corpus, making for the additional amount of 90 clauses.
31 августа 2016 г. All Middle Hittite letters have been added to the corpus. Annotation of negation and questions is finished on the current amount of corpus, which is 3807 clauses now.
16 мая 2016 г. 3 Middle Hittite letters (KUB 31.79, KBo 15.28, KBo 12.62) and 6 New Hittite instructions (KBo 16.54, KUB 26.57, KUB 21.46, KUB 31.113, KUB 13.28, KUB 26.12 + KUB 26.13) are added to the corpus. A tree generator for phrase structures started working in the online interface for a limited amount of clauses.
31 марта 2016 г. Additional amount of 230 clauses from the New Hittite letters (KUB 21.38 and KUB 26.91) opened to the public access. This addition means that all of the New Hittite letters published by H. Hoffner (2009) are available online.
29 февраля 2016 г. Choose your level of brokenness! In the search interface choose 1-5 levels of clause brokenness. 1 = completely unbroken; 5 = completely broken (only some syllables left). Syntactic annotation is possible up to the level 3. A phrase structure can be built with confidence up to the level 2.
15 февраля 2016 г. Information structure (focus-comment) annotation has been uploaded for 350 clauses. Focus is marked bold.
15 января 2016 г. The corpus of New Hittite letters consisting of 1111 clauses is available online, with data search on publications, lines, syllables, narrow transliteration and English translation of all 27 texts.